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HPUX Utilities for an SB40C?

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HPUX Utilities for an SB40C?

I can't find the right documentation. Are there HPUX utilities to check the status of the drives within the storage blade? Thanks,



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Re: HPUX Utilities for an SB40C?

The SB40c Storage Blade employs the P400 controller.   So you would use the 'saconfig' and 'sautil' utilities to view and manage the logical drives and drives.  These utilities are a part of the RAID-01 driver package that you can get from


To manage the controller offline, you would use the ORCA utility.  This is accessed by pressing F8 when prompted during the initilization period at the EFI shell.  If the F8 prompt isnt shown you may have to start ORCA by using the proper 'drvcfg -s' command:

   - From EFI Shell run the command 'drivers'.   Look for the P400 controller instance and note the driver ID.

   - Next run the command 'drvcfg' and match the controller ID and driver ID.

   - Run the command 'drvcfg -s DrvID CtrlID' to start the offline utility.



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Re: HPUX Utilities for an SB40C?

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!