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HPUX cluster storage migration suggestion need!

Occasional Contributor

HPUX cluster storage migration suggestion need!

Dear fellows,

We got a very critical system need to migrate to a new storage, here's our environment:

BL860c*2, hpux 11.31, MCSG HA, oracle 10g, Netapp 3240, Brocade 300e san switch,

new storage is Netapp 3270, new Brocade san switch(i dont know the detail model, maybe some 5000 seriels)

The mean data is oracle database, it's based on filesystem, and the folder is /oradata

The 3240 storage enclosure would be moved under the new 3270 controller, so theoretically, the data wouldnt be lost,

but the pv address and wwn must be changed, so how can we insure the oracle data and mcsg?


We can do it offline, before we migrate , we'll do the rman backup.if it is necessary, we can do the netapp snap mirror also


Any friends have ever experienced projects like this? pls help us! 



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Patrick Wallek
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Re: HPUX cluster storage migration suggestion need!

You  may just need to import the VG after you make your storage change.  


Before you make the change run a 'vgexport -p -m /tmp/ -s /dev/vgname' to  generate a map file.


Once you make the change, and if the VG isn't automatically activated, you can use vgimport and the map file you created to reimport the VG.  You should then be able to activate the VG and mount all of your logical volumes.

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Re: HPUX cluster storage migration suggestion need!

Hi ,

We had done one migration from EVA to EMC.


1] Check enough FC ports available in hosts

2]Connect to new SAN-switch

3]Carry out zoning

4]Create mountpoints on New Storage.

5]Transfer data from old mountpoint to new mountpoint ( we used stormigrate of EMC )

6]check for cluster lock disk changes if any

7]Up the cluster