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HPUX upgrade

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HPUX upgrade

We are a couple of revs behind on our HP-UX versions. We are on version B.11.11 on all our boxes. We need to load 11i Version 2 and the 11.23 OS Patch. My understanding is that this might require us to upgrade our system drives to a larger size and possibly upgrade other hardware as well. We have 36GB mirrored drives right now. Thanks.
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Re: HPUX upgrade

Obviously it depends on what you have on these drives and how full they are presently. If you have only the OS loaded on them and they are not too full, 36GB should be plenty of room for your new release.


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Re: HPUX upgrade

Since 11.11 and 11.23 have the same end-of-support date, I would consider to go to 11.31 - if you have supported hardware.

Hope this helps!

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Re: HPUX upgrade

I remember going from 11 to 11i required a larger /stand filesystem. It wasn't possible to just extend it because it needed to be contiguous.

This required an ignite system recovery to rebuild vg00 w/larger /stand. Depending on your system and its configuration, this could be a bit of a scary thing to do.

If you have a similar situation in your 11.11 to 11.XX, you'll need to consider your options ( cold install being one of them ).



Re: HPUX upgrade

/stand can be resized online , however upgrade from 11.11 to 11.23 was very problematic. As advised , Cold install of 11.31 will be better option.

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Re: HPUX upgrade

I recently upgraded our test box (rp7400 w/18GB drives) from HP-UX 11.11 to 11.23 via the "update" method.

After reading the disk space requirements in the upgrade guide, I initially thought I would have to install larger drives, however I was able to wrangle enough space out of the 18GB drives. With only 18 gigs to work with, several of the LVs ended up smaller then the "recommended" default size for a new v2 FOE install, but I was successful. (see attachment for LV sizes/layout)

To squeeze enough room, I had to resize /, /stand, and swap so I created then restored an Ignite image using the advanced options to alter the LV sizes as required. Also, in my case, I needed to update both the GSP and PDC firmware prior to upgrading.

I wanted to try an "Update" as all previous upgrades (10.2 -> 11.0 and 11.0 -> 11.11) were done as "Cold Installs". Now I understand what is meant when the update method is said to be problematic. (It wasn't difficult, just lots of little issues to resolve.) I still have not decided which method I am going to use on production boxes...

Hope this info is helpful,
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Re: HPUX upgrade

thanks for all the info. I have a test box I'll try first.
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Re: HPUX upgrade


update-ux is very good for updating the OE, operating environment within a major version of HP-UX.

It is not reliable for moving from 11.11 to 11.23

Experienced Systems Administrators do not use it.

Steven E Protter
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Re: HPUX upgrade

Point of clarification:

I was not intending to suggest any particular method for upgrading, only that I accomplished it with an 18GB disk; and that replacing the 36GB drives with larger ones may not be required (depending of course, on how much space is occupied by non-O.S. files.)

The only reason I mentioned my method was to avoid any presumption that my 18gig LV layout would be acceptable for a cold-install (though I expect that it should be.)

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Re: HPUX upgrade


A question for you,
(at the risk of dragging this thread off in a different direction :)

Most of the problems I had using Update-UX to upgrade from 11.11 to 11.23 were only nuisance issues; what kind of "stability" issues can be caused by this method?

As I mentioned, this was my first attempt at upgrading using Update-UX, and everything seems fine - but then again it is a low usage test box...
Anything in particular I should double-check?

I may just blow this away and do the cold-install/restore method just for the sake of comparison.
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Re: HPUX upgrade

Hi, thanks for all the great responces. If update up is not the best way then what is?
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Re: HPUX upgrade

A "Cold-Install" is the recommended method.

A Cold-Install follows these basic steps:
1) Back up all config files you want to restore (/etc, /etc/opt, etc.)
2) Make a recovery image (in case of problems)
3) Verify you have media and codewords for your apps
4) Do a fresh install of the new OS version
5) Restore the desired config files
6) Re-install your apps

See the HP-UX 11i v2 Installation and Update Guide for complete details.
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Re: HPUX upgrade

You should probably do a cold install and go to 11.31 if your hardware will support it.
After you've done your basic prep work (create an ignite tape, comlete backup, etc), pull the old drives out and upgrade them if possible to larger drives. Keep track of the order of the drives that you've pulled. If you have any issues you can not resolve or need to be back on-line quick, simply reinstall the old drives and reboot.
If everything goes well, restore your data, apps, and scripts from backups.

Good Luck.

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Re: HPUX upgrade


Unless there are specific reasons to *NOT* go to 11.31, I would certainly do that.

But ... what hardware do you have exaclty ? Except for the 2 mirrored 36GB disks, is there more available on a SAN or external storage unit ?

How much memory do you have ?

And ... depending on what applications you are running, and what you currently pay for support, you may be better of with new hardware ...