HPUX v3 Multipathing

Sharjeel Saleem
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HPUX v3 Multipathing

Hi, As per our storage vendor our primary node of hpux cluster running with native multipathing and pvlink running on secondary node. plz let me know how we can check if system is running with pvlink or native multipathing?


Re: HPUX v3 Multipathing

Unless someone has specifically fiddled about with some disk attributes using the scsmigr command, then 11.31 systems will be using native multipathing regardless of whether legacy or new style device special files are used in your volume group, and regardless of whether or not PVLinks have been setup in the volume group.

The only situation where this *wouldn't* be the case is where you are using legacy style DSFs in your volume group (i.e. /dev/dsk and /dev/rdsk rather than /dev/disk and /dev/rdisk) and also where for the disks in the volume group someone has set the scsimgr attribute leg_mpath_enable to 0


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