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Hardware problem diagnosing

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Hardware problem diagnosing

Hey guys how to do diagnose HP-UX for hardware problems/issues. This is a general question for all common hardware components under HP-UX server.
sujit kumar singh
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Re: Hardware problem diagnosing

Hi you can have the following referllas.

1)/var/adm/syslog/syslog.log that is the Sytem log file.
2)look at the ioscan -- that the device is there in the system and that the dev files are there, and are claimed.
ioscan in 11.31 has a new option called health, refer to amn page of ioscan in 11.31
3)can have the logs occuring in the eventlog
4)can take the help of the cstm,mstm,xstm etc.
5)sasmgr,scsimgr,fcmsutil,armdsp,xpinfo,evainfo etc depending on knowing about HDDs on your system are from which sort of storage.
6)lanscan, lanadmin etc for the LAN I/Fs.

The Hardware Diagnosis is Obviously Hardware Dependent and canbe customised for various hardwares that you are trying to diagnose for failure.

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Re: Hardware problem diagnosing

Thank for the info...
Johnson Punniyalingam
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Re: Hardware problem diagnosing

Best Place to look for /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log

dmesg, Once You have located the device you have to perform "Hardware problem diagnosing "

You can run CSTM,MSTM , those diagnostic tools will help,

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Amit Parui
Valued Contributor

Re: Hardware problem diagnosing

As per above you can look in -

1) /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log
2) dmesg

Normally if EMS messaging is enabled, then hardware problems/issues are logged under -


Then check the hardware through cstm or mstm
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Sridhar R
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Re: Hardware problem diagnosing

Hi C V,

syslog.log is the basic log file to monitor all hardware issues.

Logging in via console is another option to find out hardware problem.

MP > CM > PS will give the failed status of a h/w, in case it exists.

MP > SL the log file of MP console, which will also be helpful in diagnosing.

If your server is a n-par or v-par, you can also use parstatus command to find out your hardware problem.

Thanks & Regards