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How do I connect a serial printer to an RX2660?

Dee Jacobs

How do I connect a serial printer to an RX2660?

Is there a document that explains how to connect a serial printer to an RX2660

and configure the software environment to put it on an lp queue?


Re: How do I connect a serial printer to an rx2660?

What OS version are you using?

Bob Blunt
Respected Contributor

Re: How do I connect a serial printer to an rx2660?

Well, knowing the O/S is a start...  but there's also a litle conflict in terms of sorts.  A serial printer is a serial printer.  You plug it into a serial port and that doesn't *usually* involve IP at all.  SO, depending on the O/S involved and what you're wanting to setup you also need to know more about the printer.  Is it a "simple" serial printer or is it a printer that can be configured with (like the HP LaserJet) with either a serial interface or a form of JetDirect card (that can do IP)?  Or maybe an Epson or some other dot matrix printer or label printer?  In some cases the printer can be connected to either a terminal server (like a DECserver 700 or similar) and the port on the DECserver can be setup with an IP address so it can be treated as a type IP printer that just happens to connect to a serial interface or connected to a "print server" that has a more "dedicated purpose.  I can also imagine that you could setup a direct serial connection (if an available port on the Integrity system exists) and configure it through the O/S's IP stack to present that printer to other nodes on the lan.


So the info necessary to proceed will probably be:



O/S Version?

What IP stack?

What brand printer?

What type printer?

Where on the system will it be connected?



Honored Contributor

Re: How do I connect a serial printer to an rx2660?

The original question includes no mention of IP, only LP... although the lack of capitalization makes it hard to notice.


If you have HP-UX 11.23, you still have SAM, which can add a serial device for you. If you have HP-UX 11.31, you will have to add the proper kind of serial device node manually. This message by V2COT may be helpful:


My first guess would be that the "direct connection to modem" style device might be appropriate for a serial printer too, although for a printer, adding the RTS/CTS handshaking bit would probably be beneficial (depending on the printer model and the wiring of the serial cable used).


The man page termio(7) describes the structure of the minor device numbers for serial devices.


Re: How do I connect a serial printer to an rx2660?

Hi ,
Adding a Local Printer Using HP-UX Commands
1. Ensure that you have superuser capabilities.
2. Add the printer to the LP spooler.
For example:
# /usr/sbin/lpadmin -plocal_printer -v/dev/lp -mHP_model -g7
See lpadmin(1M) for details on the options. Also see the HP-UX System Administrator’s Guide: Overview for model information for the -m option.
3. If the printer being added will be the default printer, execute the following:
# /usr/sbin/lpadmin -dlocal_printer
Allow print requests to be accepted for the newly added printer.
For example:
# /usr/sbin/accept local_printer
4. Enable the newly added printer to process print requests. For example:
# /usr/bin/enable local_printer
5. Start the LP spooler if it is not already running:
# /usr/sbin/lpsched
6. Test the printer using the LP spooler, then check the LP spooler’s status.
For example:
# lp -dlocal_printer /etc/motd
# lpstat -t
HP-UX System Administrator's Guide:Configuration Management HP-UX 11i Version 3
HP-UX System Administrator's Guide:Overview HP-UX 11i Version 3
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