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How to Troubleshoot HP UX 11.23

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How to Troubleshoot HP UX 11.23


I'm a newbie and I have a problem with my system, which I hope anyone would
guide me through it or point me to any resources to at least identify
I am administrating HP L-1000, using os hp ux 11.23 with 2048 mb RAM

and for the last few days it suddenly reboot for about 4-5 times


i'tried to check the system log but i don't know where to start and ended check it randomly, so plz guide me how to identify the problem






Re: How to Troubleshoot HP UX 11.23

What are the last entries in syslog.log?

Any entries in the shutdown log?  /etc/shutdownlog

Any panic dumps in /var/adm/crash/?

Have you gone to the GSP/MP to look for errors there?


Some other links: