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How to add one xerox printer model in hpux

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Carme Torca
Super Advisor

How to add one xerox printer model in hpux


I want to add one printer in a server.
The printer is the model: Phaser 3600 PCL6 (Xerox)
but I don't have it like one model and I can add it like a printer.
How could add this printer like a new model?

Thanks a lot of,

# addqueue -h -q IJ852H
Could not contact

# addqueue -l

Printer Id Printer Model Model script
1) HP LaserJet IIISi net_lj4x
1) HP PaintJet XL300 net_lj4x
2) HP Color LaserJet net_lj4x
3) HP LaserJet 4 net_lj4x
5) HP LaserJet 4Si net_lj4x
6) HP PaintJet XL300 net_lj4x
7) DeskJet 1200C net_lj4x
7) HP CopyJet net_lj4x
8) DesignJet 650C net_dsnj
10) HP LaserJet 4 Plus net_lj4x
11) HP LaserJet 5Si net_lj5x
12) HP LaserJet 4V net_lj4x
14) DeskJet 1600C net_lj4x
14) DeskJet 1600CM net_lj4x
15) HP LaserJet 5 net_lj4x
15) HP LaserJet 5N net_lj4x
15) HP LaserJet 5M net_lj4x
16) HP Color LaserJet 5 net_lj4x
16) HP Color LaserJet 5M net_lj4x
20) DesignJet 750C (C3196A) net_dsnj
20) HP DesignJet 750C Plus (C4708A) net_dsnj
20) HP DesignJet 750C Plus (C4709A) net_dsnj
21) DesignJet 755CM (C3198A) net_dsnj
21) DesignJet 755CM (C3198B) net_dsnj
22) HP DesignJet 700 (C4705A) net_dsnj
22) HP DesignJet 700 (C4706A) net_dsnj
23) HP DesignJet 2500CP (C4704A) net_dsnj
24) HP DesignJet 2000CP (C4703A) net_dsnj
25) HP DesignJet 3500CP (C4724A) net_dsnj
26) HP DesignJet 3000CP (C4723A) net_dsnj
257) HP LaserJet 4000 Series net_ljx000
258) HP LaserJet 5000 Series net_ljx000
259) HP Color LaserJet 4500 net_ljcolor
261) HP Mopier 320 net_ljx000
261) HP LaserJet 8100 Series net_ljx000
264) DesignJet 1055CM (C6075A) net_dsnj
264) DesignJet 1050C (C6074A) net_dsnj
266) HP LaserJet 8000 Series net_ljx000
267) HP LaserJet 4050 Series net_ljx000
513) HP LaserJet 2100 Series net_lj4x
1000) HP LaserJet 5L net_lj4x
1001) HP LaserJet 5P net_lj4x
1001) HP LaserJet 5MP net_lj4x
1002) HP LaserJet 4P net_lj4x
1002) HP LaserJet 4MP net_lj4x
1003) LaserJet 4L net_lj4x
1003) LaserJet 4ML net_lj4x
1004) HP LaserJet 6P net_lj4x
1004) HP LaserJet 6MP net_lj4x
1005) HP LaserJet 6L net_lj4x
1008) HP 2000C net_lj4x
1010) HP Color LaserJet 8500 net_ljcolor
1020) HP 2500C net_genericpcl3printer
1025) HP LaserJet 1100 net_lj4x
9990) dumplot plotter dumbplot
9991) dumplot printer dumbplot_printer
9992) dumplot printer_cr dumbplot_printer_cr
9997) Generic PCL3 Printer net_genericpcl3printer
9998) Generic printer net_genericprinter
9999) Generic plotter net_genericplotter

# ping
PING 64 byte packets
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0. time=4. ms

lease enter a selection: 3

Enter the network printer name or IP address (q - quit):

ACTION: check if it's an HP network printer, and if the local
host has access to it....

Users are not too bad ;-)
Javed Khan_1
Valued Contributor

Re: How to add one xerox printer model in hpux

if its a netwrok printer you can download driver from Xerox site and install.

Please refer old thread

Never Give Up
Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: How to add one xerox printer model in hpux

Hi Carmen,

You can find the Xerox utility and the driver for the 3600 in next page.