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How to change MAC address!

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How to change MAC address!

As title!

Thanks in advance!

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Re: How to change MAC address!

sam-->networking and communications-->select the interfcae--> action-->modify-->advanced options, chnage the station address which is mac address of the nic.
you have to take extreme care while assigning another mac address, the new mac address shouldn't match with any mac address in your network.(this will be unique to each nic assigned by manufacturer, better not to change)
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Michael Tully
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Re: How to change MAC address!


As stated by Ravi it is possible to change
the mac address, BUT do so with extreme
caution. You could cause far more problems
if there is a conflict on the same LAN by
changing the mac address to something that
already exists.

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Re: How to change MAC address!


You can change the station ddress running

lanadmin -A new_address PPA

to check PPA for your interface use


Of course this could be done when really needed.
To have this changed at every system boot, it is necessary to modify the respective file in the directory /etc/rc.config.d, for example /etc/rc.config.d/hpbasetconf

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Emmanuel Eyer
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Re: How to change MAC address!

lanscan -A or the config file in /etc/rc.config.d/ or SAM (all the same method) will not absolutely always work.

They all change only the software MAC address. The hardware MAC address will stay what is defined in the (E(E))PROM. Some software will grab directly the hardware MAC address, and thus may get confused...
Jake Conyers
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Re: How to change MAC address!

Dear Leereg,

There are two very efficent methods to change MAC address. One option is Macshift, a free utility that you can use to spoof your MAC address under Microsoft Windows. Get it at:

The other option is Speed Demon Adapters, which explains how to change the MAC address stored in a network card's EERPROM.

This can give you the ability to change your MAC address under any operating system that supports either the PCI bus or PCMCIA Type II cards. Located at: or
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Re: How to change MAC address!

The best MAC Address Changer is SMAC!
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Re: How to change MAC address!

It is recommended to do. It may make subsidery consequences.

You can change mac address using,

a) lanadmin command
b) sam

You have to configure configuration file in /etc/rc.config.d/ location for permanent effect.

Note: It is best don't touch main interface lan0.

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