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How to change the ulimit values in HPUX

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How to change the ulimit values in HPUX


Can you please let me know how to change the ulimit values is HPUX .My present values is

cphpqp16:/users/root # ulimit -a
time(seconds) unlimited
file(blocks) unlimited
data(kbytes) 2015464
stack(kbytes) 8192
memory(kbytes) unlimited
coredump(blocks) 4194303
nofiles(descriptors) 4096

I need to change the stack value to 16 MB

Honored Contributor

Re: How to change the ulimit values in HPUX

If you want to change it for all users, do it in /etc/profile.

If you want to do particular user, use the respective options with ulimit.

e.g ulimit -c to set core file size.

Read man pages of ulimit to get more details.
# man ulimit.

1. ulimit -a
Display all configured values.
2. ulimit -c
Sets core file size
3. ulimit -d
Sets data seg size
4. ulimit -n
Sets Open Files
5. ulimit -s
Sets stack size
6. ulimit -u
Sets max user processes
7. ulimit -t
Sets cpu time
8. ulimit -v
Sets virtual memory
9. ulimit -p
Sets pipe size
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Re: How to change the ulimit values in HPUX

I am getting the following error while doing a ulimit

phpqp16:/users/root # ulimit -s 16384
sh: ulimit: The specified value exceeds the user's allowable limit.
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Re: How to change the ulimit values in HPUX

You need to check your kernel values of maxssiz ( stack ) and maxdsiz (data ).

You cannot define the higher value than the kernel stack value. Either you need to increase kernel value then to increase users.

Re: How to change the ulimit values in HPUX

If you have poorly written software, no matter how big you make maxssiz(5), it will still get a recursive stack overflow.

Also, you don't want to make maxssiz to big, it will reduce maxdsiz(5) if already at the max.