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How to change tuneable "filecache_max"

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Regular Advisor

How to change tuneable "filecache_max"

Hi, the following is my filecache_max setup:

filecache_max 49007116288 Default Auto
filecache_min 4900708352 Default Auto

I want to change it to:

filecache_max 9801540812 10% Imm (auto disabled)
filecache_min 4900770406 5% Imm (auto disabled)

I get the following error:
# kctune -B filecache_max="9801540812"
ERROR: The requested changes could not be applied to the currently
running system, for the following reasons:
- The specified units for the values of filecache_min and
filecache_max must be consistent: both as relative (percentage
or default) or both as constant value.

James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: How to change tuneable "filecache_max"


Drop the double quotes.


Regular Advisor

Re: How to change tuneable "filecache_max"

Dropping the double quotes didn't work.
Don Morris_1
Honored Contributor

Re: How to change tuneable "filecache_max"

The error message is telling you that you have to have _both_ filecache_min and filecache_max as X% or _both_ as X bytes. Not one as X% and the other as X bytes. [The reason for this is because Memory OL* could easily take your system from being "right" with min at X% well below Y bytes -- and end up where X% is *above* Y bytes, which fails the "min<= max" constraint these tunables have.]

So either:

kctune filecache_max=10% filecache_min=5%


kctune filecache_min=4900770406 filecache_max=9801540812

should work.
Emil Velez
Honored Contributor

Re: How to change tuneable "filecache_max"

got to use the percent signs to specify a percentage. IF you do not it assumes you mean KB. That bit me too since I was used to DBC_MIN and DBC_MAX where I did not need the percent sign.

When you view it the amount will always be in KB.