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How to check active services in HPUX

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How to check active services in HPUX

AIX OS we have lssrc command to check active services,
IS there any command equalent in HPUX.
$ lssrc -a |grep active
syslogd ras 5068 active
portmap portmap 11362 active
inetd tcpip 11172 active
biod nfs 12942 active
nfsd nfs 6412 active
rpc.mountd nfs 14728 active
rpc.statd nfs 5558 active
rpc.lockd nfs 12394 active
sshd ssh 14242 active
ctrmc rsct 17816 active
snmpd tcpip 15520 active
clcomdES clcomdES 19882 active
IBM.CSMAgentRM rsct_rm 13174 active
clstrmgrES cluster 19636 active
IBM.AuditRM rsct_rm 21422 active
IBM.ServiceRM rsct_rm 20146 active
IBM.ERRM rsct_rm 18100 active
IBM.SensorRM rsct_rm 17346 active
topsvcs topsvcs 25040 active
grpsvcs grpsvcs 24474 active
emsvcs emsvcs 24806 active

Steven E. Protter
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Re: How to check active services in HPUX


No exact equivalent.

I would write a script and use the following toys:

ps -ef possibly with a check against /etc/servcies

No system-config-services like Linux here. Its a hole, no other way to describe it.

If you design this script, I want a copy.

Steven E Protter
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Re: How to check active services in HPUX

You could run:

netstat -a |grep LISTEN |awk '{print $4}'

To find all the listening network ports.

You would also need to check /etc/inetd.conf for services started by inetd.

something like:
egrep -v "^#|^$" /etc/inetd.conf |awk '{print $1}'
Armin Kunaschik
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Re: How to check active services in HPUX

Be aware, that lssrc ONLY shows that services which are registered with the system resource controller! There are probably many more!
Beside that e.g. for inetd services you need to add some more command line switches.
So lssrc give you just a quick guess of some services!
On HP-UX there is no such service therefore you need to check manually (as suggested by others).
To find out what services are available, check /sbin/init.d and /etc/rc.config.d for the configuration of these services.

My 2 cents,

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Re: How to check active services in HPUX

A Quick command to find out the services started at boot.

cat /etc/rc.log |grep sbin |grep S |grep -v SKIPPED

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Re: How to check active services in HPUX

If you install lsof, you can run this command to show active listening services:

lsof -i | grep LISTEN

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Mel Burslan
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Re: How to check active services in HPUX

lssrc command of AIX is just an illusion for the junior AIX sysadmins, who do not know much about the concept of a "service". It basically lists you the services (or daemons for a better wording) started under the control of sourcemaster. But if you walk around the sourcemaster and start the daemon manually buy running the executable from the command line, you will not see a trace of this service being active in the lssrc -a command output.

From the definition of service, which is a daemon or an application listening to a certain port/socket on your system, the best way to find out what these processes are, is using the

netstat -an | grep LISTEN

then with the preferred way of dissecting the output and grabbing the listening port and mapping it to the application using the lsof -i command.

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Re: How to check active services in HPUX

Hi mukkala
I think U mean to ask for equivalent for
#chkconfig --list ## command in Linux
# export UNIX95=1
#ps -eafH
This shows all running daemons only..... I am also loooking for the same i.e command for service listing....
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