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How to connect T1500 G3 INTL via USB to ESXi 5.1?

How to connect T1500 G3 INTL via USB to ESXi 5.1?


Just baught T1500 G3 INTL (AF451A)  for ML350e Gen 8 (running ESXi 5.1). T1500 connected to Ml350 via USB.

How I can manage auto shutdown on a bunch of guest operating systems which need to be shut down and then started up when power is restored?

I found documentaion about HP Power Protector but it needs UPS with NIC. T1500 G3 has only DB9 and USB ports. says that I can use T1500 with HPPP and vSphere 5.1


Re: How to connect T1500 G3 INTL via USB to ESXi 5.1?

Almost done it.
1st. I installed vSphere Management Assistant (vMA)
2nd. passthrough T1500 to VMA
3rd. Installed HP Power Protector for Linx64 in vMA. (admin mode)
4th. Installed HPPP in other guests. (client mode)
So now when power turns off all my guest OS shuwdowns gracefully.
But one problem remains. How to shutdwon gracefully ESXi server?