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How to create a subvolume for SLES 11 SP4

Narendra Uttekar
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How to create a subvolume for SLES 11 SP4


We have installed SUSE Linux - SLES 11 SP4 but after installation we are not able to see - /srv, /opt, /tmp , /var/spool, /var/run, /var/log, /var/crash and /var/tmp filesystem as separate mount point. But everything under root i.e. / fileystem as below,

server:~ # df
Filesystem                       1K-blocks      Used  Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda4                       1168272044   7229148 1159627396   1% /
udev                            1058952576       272 1058952304   1% /dev
tmpfs                           1589641216       648 1589640568   1% /dev/shm

Please can you let us know how we can have /srv, /opt, /tmp , /var/spool, /var/run, /var/log, /var/crash and /var/tmp filesystem as separate mount point?





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Re: How to create a subvolume for SLES 11 SP4

That's because - during the automatic install phase generically known as "disk(s) partitioning and filesystem(s) creation" - the OS installer created/defined just one single partition and assigned to that partition the "/" root directory mount point without specifiying any other custom filesystems configuration (which is a manual thing the Administrator should plan)...the result was that all root's sub-directories (see Linux FHS) you're now looking for were created as sub-directories of that root directory's mount point...within that whole single big partition the installer automatigically created for you.

You should have chosen to perform a manual Installation with Custom Partitioning in order to keep some sub-directories (e.g. /var/log or /opt, as examples) mounted on different partitions, as you now want.

Reference: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP4 Deployment Guide, and - specifically - the section 6.14 Installation Setting (related to manual deployment) where the Partitioning (also the custom one) is explained in detail.

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Re: How to create a subvolume for SLES 11 SP4

Simple, create new file system ,  and then mount the file system on temporary mount point, say for example, as /temp1, later replicate the contents which you wish to have seperate mount, once done, unmount temporary mounts, create respective line in fstab so that file systems gets mounted on boot up.