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How to create.cfg file

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How to create.cfg file

Hi guys, i wanted to know as to how do u make the .cfg file and once u have made it how do u boot the system from it. Does anyone has an edited .cfg file.
Edited .cfg file= 10 points automatically.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: How to create.cfg file


After a Red Hat Install there is a .cfg in the root directory anaconda-ks.cfg

You can generate a new one with system-config-kickstart

LVM configurations requires some hand editing to actually work.

Steven E Protter
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Ivan Ferreira
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Re: How to create.cfg file

What exactly do you plan to do?
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Stuart Browne
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Re: How to create.cfg file

SEP has it right. KickStart files.

All who use a RH or Fedora system will have one as SEP said, in /root/. As for customized ones, mine are all a bit too customized to publicize..

As to how you use them, at the installer's boot: prompt, you use the 'ks=' option.

Have a read of the Kickstart documentation to see they different ways the file can be passed:
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