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How to create mount points

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How to create mount points

Hi all,

-I'm an Oracle DBA, we just received a HP Integrity BL870c Itanium and HP SAN storage.
-Hp guy came today and installed HP-UX 11i V3.
-He installed the OS on local drive.
-He told me that he configured the HP-UX partition on SAN (1TB).
-He told me that it is my turn now to define the mount points that is required for Oracle installation, and left me stuck with this.

-I need your help on how to define/create mount points on SAN devices for my Oracle DB.

-When using df or bdf; it shows only local file system (i.e. /etc, /opt , ...etc)

-I don't know where to start from, and what should I do now, what tools are there that can help me.

- Also my manager wants me to install Oracle Enterprise Linux 4 on Proliant BL460c which will be using another partition of the same SAN

-I know that I should install Linux on local drive, but how to get linux to know about the available SAN storage and format its share on SAN?

-I appreciate your help and guidance.

Kind regards
James R. Ferguson
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Re: How to create mount points


You should have a look (read) of:

You can use HP SMH to assist you in configuring.


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Re: How to create mount points

If it is v2 then the easiest way is using SAM to cut the 1T san disks into smaller pieces then mount them. V3 should have a similar one there.
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Re: How to create mount points

Thanks James and Tingli,

I'll read the provided documentation first and then come back to you with the result.