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How to disconnect VA7100 from RP5470

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How to disconnect VA7100 from RP5470

Hi Everyone,
We have a RP5470 unix server. A VA7100 disk array is directly attached to it. We have recently moved all our RP5470 VG's, filesystems over to an EVA4400. What are the procedures for disconnecting the VA7100 from the RP5470 unix server? My thoughts are:
1) Halt the server.
2) Disconnect the fiber cords to the VA7100.
3) Powering off the VA7100
4) Bring the server back up.
Ganesan R
Honored Contributor

Re: How to disconnect VA7100 from RP5470


The steps you have mentioned are safest one.

Though I have not done this activity, you can do the following if you are not willing to reboot the server

1. Remove the device files assigned from VA7100 using insf -H

2. Unassign the LUNS on VA7100 which is presented RP5470.

3.After that run insf -e once again.
Best wishes,

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Re: How to disconnect VA7100 from RP5470

You don't need to power off the server to disconnect the fiber cables. In fact if the "NO_HW" lines in the ioscan listing don't bother you, you don't even have to reboot the server. You can continue using it.
What is your intend here? Are you taking the array off service and keep using the server?
Some other things to do on ther server are to remove the commandview software so that you don't get alerts from the missing VA and if you do ems monitoring to exclude all the array devices from it.
The array is direct attched so there is no "nassigning" neede on the VA.
sujit kumar singh
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Re: How to disconnect VA7100 from RP5470


shutdown the aplications on the server before shutting the OS of the server.

also might need to export the VGs (using vgexport) in the preview mode (-p option)keeping a map file(-m option) in place for the VGs if wish to come back.

then do the actual vgexport to remove the VGs after umounting the LVs and deactivating the VGs.

Regular Advisor

Re: How to disconnect VA7100 from RP5470

Thanks for all the suggestions.
1) All VG's on the unix server point to the new EVA.
2) The VA7100 is being retired - sent out to pasture! All LUN's on the VA7100 have been deleted.
3) Command view SW - I plan on doing the SWREMOVE on it.
BTW - the performance gains we had from moving to the EVA were incredible. Many of the Oracle Jobs now only take 1/3 of the time.