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How to fence a RHEL5 cluster on a blade

F Verschuren
Esteemed Contributor

How to fence a RHEL5 cluster on a blade

We have more than one customer in the same blade, du securty reasons it is not solution to give the linux servers asses to the vlan of the Ilo's we have to prevent that the linux servers of one customer can hop to the ilo's of a other cluster...

Is there a supported options for this?

can I have two vlans configured in one blade (on the ilo port) for this?
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: How to fence a RHEL5 cluster on a blade


If you look at the options on fencing you will see a good list of what options you have.

You can connect both systems to a:
apc power device (there are many)
IBM Blade Center (you do not mention your hardware maker)
Brocade Switch (Fiber HBA)
HP ilo Card
DRAC card from Dell
RPS 10 serial switch

Any number of SAN devices can be used.
You can even connect via a shared SCSI device.

Frankly if the ilo devices are on any kind of network, you can if you choose connect them via a cross cable connector to establish fencing.

What is best for the hardware is iLo. It actually does a controlled shutdown of one of the nodes when it needs to be fenced.

Any power device is going to literally shut the fenced systems power down immediately.

There needs to be a single media of some kind, be it fabric, scsi or even serial that can be used for communications for the cluster to work right.

I've been playing with manual fencing, have used it for years in the lab and that is simply not good enough for a production cluster.


Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation