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How to find whether a disk is hot swappable

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Re: How to find whether a disk is hot swappable


It depends sir. But possible by (1) knowing your HW model and 2, beoming familiar with ioscan output.

With "model" command - it will give you the class and make of your machine.

For RP series machines (N-Class and rp series) - the norm is those have internal disks - usually 18, 36, 73 GB ones. Sometimes those will be connected to external disk enclosures. And over the years -- generally my hint the disk is hot-swappable and hot-pluggable is if the disks are HP types and sized 18, 36 or 73 Giggers. You can also discern this by looking at ioscan output for disks and noting the connection point/bus/hw-path.

For older RX (Itanium) RX series -- the same holds true as described above.

For newer Itaniums -- rx6600, rx3600, rx2660 -- those will likely have internal RAID controllers (common with Proliants) which you can check via "sasmgr" command.

Hakuna Matata.
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Re: How to find whether a disk is hot swappable

Hello Manoj,

Most of the disks are hot swappable these days,
but you need OLAR patches for the same,

Both command and kernel components are required to enable LVM OLR:
â ¢ For HP-UX 11i version 1, install patches PHKL_31216 and PHCO_30698 or their superseding patches.
â ¢ For HP-UX 11i version 2, install patches PHKL_32095 and PHCO_31709 or their superseding patches.
Mirroring Critical Information, Especially the Root Volume Group

Please read the attached document


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Re: How to find whether a disk is hot swappable

"Some things you just have to do by looking."