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How to get EVA disk info via LUN wwid in 11i V3

Joe Geiger
Occasional Advisor

How to get EVA disk info via LUN wwid in 11i V3

Currently, we are running 11i V2 using EVA 6100 for SAN storage.  We have a very standard naming convention for our LUNs - thus, we make prodigious use sssu and autopath to first grab the wwid for a LUN "name" and then feed that wwid to autopath to grab the dsf's for that LUN presentation.  However, we are soon moving to 11i V3 and will no longer have autopath at our disposal.  In response, our HP ASE has given us a copy of evainfo as well as a copy of a contributed utility called scandisk.  Upon review, I am unable to find a method of using a wwid as a key for a lookup with either tool.  I can get a list of all eva LUN info using "evainfo -a", feed that to a text file and then grep away but I can't afford an "evainfo -a" (time-wise, > 30 secs) each time I want to look up dsf's for a named LUN.  Moreover, I don't like thye idea of feeding that data once a day/hour/etc. to a flat file for look ups as I would prefer the operation to be real time. 


So, does anyone have suggestions for my quandry here?  Is there a diferent utility and/or option to evainfo that I am missing?  As it stands, it seems as though the ability to lookup LUN info via the LUN wwid -- which autopath gave me -- is not available in 11i V3 (provided one does not buy autopath which we don't plan to do).

Thanks in advance for any assistance :)

Super Advisor

Re: How to get EVA disk info via LUN wwid in 11i V3

instead of evainfo -a utility we can use

evainfo -w <wwid number> --> which gives output specific to WWID

By default the output of above command gives you the size in MB, if you want output in GB:

evainfo -w Mwwid number> -u GB