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How to install HP-Ux 11 without CD Rom


How to install HP-Ux 11 without CD Rom

I do have a 712/80 model Hp workstation, and I want to install HP-Ux 11 on it, though I can arrange OS media, But my system dosent have the scsi CDROM, So how can I install the OS ?
I can use network, as other windows based PCs are there also I have a Tape drive conected to the system.
and the second questin is that is there any issue of 32 bit or 64 Bit during OS installation
Thanks in advance...
Jaime Bolanos Rojas.
Honored Contributor

Re: How to install HP-Ux 11 without CD Rom


You might want to use ignite to install a copy of the OS in your system, just search for ignite-ux in docs.hp.com or in this site and you are going to find plenty of information on it.


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Re: How to install HP-Ux 11 without CD Rom

For using Ignite I dont have the copy on Tape.
I have mentioned Tape drive in the question because I want to know whether is there any method to copy te OS media on Tape from CDrom
Mel Burslan
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Re: How to install HP-Ux 11 without CD Rom

I don't believe your workstation can take 64 bit OS.

If you do not have a CD ROM attached to your workstation, you have to have the install media on tape (if you have a tape drive attached to the workstation) In order to boot from tape, you have to have a bootable tape, and if you do not have any other hpux machines, you may not have this option. There is no way to create a bootable hpux tape on any other system (like windows or linux).

Ask around and see if anyone with a similar worksstation can create you a recovery tape, using make_tape_recovery command on their running workstation.

Is this is machine you are setting up at home to learn hpux or you have other machines next to this one, already running hpux operating system ? It is very hard to understand your situation.
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Re: How to install HP-Ux 11 without CD Rom

according to openpa, it may run 11.0, but might be slow.... see the link:


I'd think that you might have issues w/ insufficient memory, as well as lack of disk space. see the requirements / recommendations here:


is it worth it????