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How to install glibc2.5 in RHEL4

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How to install glibc2.5 in RHEL4

Hi All,

I am having RHEL4 and it is connected with RHN. the existing version of glibc is glibc-2.3.4-2.43.el4_8.2 , user wants to update to glibc2.5.

I have checked if "glibc-2.5" is available in RHN using the command "up2date -l" and "up2date --showall , but nothing is found in the name of glibc-2.5".

At the same time we are having some RHEL 5.3 connected with RHN. where I am able to find glibc-2.5 using the command "yum list all".

1) How to install glibc-2.5 in RHEL4?

2) Can we install glibc-2.5 from the channel used by RHEL5.3?

3) or in which mentho we can install glibc 5.3 on RHEL4?

4) Will glibc-2.5 work fine after installing it on RHEL4 because "up2date -l" is not showing glibc-2.5 in available packages, so I thing RHEL4 does not support glibc-2.5 , am i correct?
J. Maestre
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Re: How to install glibc2.5 in RHEL4

It's not that you can't install glibc-2.5 on RHEL4, but rather that if you do you risk severely breaking your system.

If you really need glibc2.5 you should upgrade to RHEL5.