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How to known mail is send


How to known mail is send

Hi we are using the send mail in linux
We have internal and external mail server separate. How can we verify that the mail has been send from the external mail server.Problem is that if we send common mail, some of the external mail user saying that they have not received it while others have.

Is there is any log file to verify that the mail has been passed through the server? How can i verify this?
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: How to known mail is send


Tough to help you, not knowing what distribution of Linux is being used.

Generically speaking, /var/log/maillog contains a record of all mail.

grep "" /var/log/maillog

You will see at the very least if the mail was accepted by the other system.

If you use a standard smtp relay to get mail to the outside world from your Corporate LAN, you may need to check the logs on that system to get the full story.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: How to known mail is send

What do you mean by external server?
Do you point the exchange server, which is configured at /etc/mail/

If so,

1) Check the mail status at your present server

#mailq (it may helps you find, if the mails are still in Q)

else, as suggest above, you may need to check the log (/var/log/maillog)

refer the below tip for more information

2) If you have access to the external server, login to that server and check the log for the above host.

Plz repost your ques with OS, and the log details. This may help us to suggest better.