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How to login HP-UX when Winbind implemented

Keynes Lee
Regular Advisor

How to login HP-UX when Winbind implemented

I had successfully completed the Winbind integration with Windows 2008 AD.

Now I can change user ID by command "su" from root to a AD domain user. But tried hundreds times, just cannot find out how to use the AD domain account to login HP-UX

# wbinfo -u
TSLAB\administrator 10000
TSLAB\guest 10001
TSLAB\krbtgt 10002
TSLAB\cluser 10003
TSLAB\user1 10005
TSLAB\user2 10006

HP-UX geneva B.11.31 U ia64 (ta)

login: user1
System Password:
Login incorrect
login: user1@tslab.com
Login incorrect
login: TSLAB\user1
Login incorrect
Connection closed by foreign host.
Keynes Lee
Regular Advisor

Re: How to login HP-UX when Winbind implemented

None know how to make it ?????

Sigh ...

BTW, I found that when " Winbind use default domain = Yes" configured in smb.conf.
Can login to the hp-ux server by just use the simple account / password
login: user1
Password: *******

But, in my environment. There are 2 domains.
Parent : tslab.com
Child : child.tslab.com

When " Winbind use default domain = Yes" configured ...

# wbinfo -u
administrator 10000
guest 10001
krbtgt 10002
cluser 10003
user1 10005
user2 10006
CHILD\administrator 10007
CHILD\guest 10008
CHILD\krbtgt 10009

user1 & user2 can easily to login. But tried hard, there is no anyway to login by use user3 & user4

And interesting, I can use "su" to change ID to all accounts from root

su - user1
su - user2
su - CHILD\\user3
su - CHILD\\user4

Please come some help ...