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Re: HyperThreading ON problem


HyperThreading ON problem

Dear All,

I am facing the problem in hyperthreading. I run the below commands in my server.

#kctune lcpu_attr
Tunable Value Expression Changes
lcpu_attr 0 Default Auto
# kctune lcpu_attr=1
ERROR: This system does not support Hyperthreading, or Hyperthreading
has been disabled on this system (see setboot(1M)). Value of
tunable 'lcpu_attr' cannot be changed.

After this error i run below cmd to enable HT.

# setboot -m on
setboot: Hyperthreading settings cannot be changed while running on a vPars system.

Still HT is in off only..

Can any one help me..

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Re: HyperThreading ON problem

It is a HP-UX system, but details, please?

Is it running vPars?

Hope this helps!

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Re: HyperThreading ON problem

A lot of missing info...HP-UX 11.23? or 11.31?

This manual will be helpful, chapter 9, starting on page 266:


Bill Hassell, sysadmin