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IODC Entry_Init errors

Michael R Louw
Occasional Contributor

IODC Entry_Init errors


We are experiencing the following problems when attempting to perform a Cold installation of a client across the network. When perform a ping test I get a reply from the ignite server.

Main Menu: Enter command or menu > boot lan. install

BCH Directed LAN Path: 0/0/8/1/0/4/

Do you wish to stop at the ISL prompt prior to booting? (y/n) >> n

Initializing boot Device.

Boot IO Dependent Code (IODC) Revision 6

IODC ENTRY_INIT failed. Error Status: -7

The IODC for this boot device was unable to provide text describing the failure.
IODC ENTRY_INIT[Return Messages] failed. Error Status: -2

Thanks in advance.

Ismail Azad
Esteemed Contributor

Re: IODC Entry_Init errors


First thing I noticed is the IODC which typically does the "initial hardware tests" on PARISC of which apparently you can skip some of them using the "speedy boot" functionality.

However, searching and quickly looking into your problem suggests that the error status '-7', means you are trying to boot from a disk that is not attached to the server or typically would have NO_HW in the output for software state on ioscan for an existing system. You should be getting a return status of '0', the '-2' on error status typically denotes on some systems "a non existent option". The numericals give you a signal on how to troubleshoot the system as far as booting is concerned and yes i am aware you are doing a cold installation. Hopefully the "numbers" will make sense trying to get out of this loop. Hope this helps. ++

Ismail Azad
Read, read and read... Then read again until you read "between the lines".....