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Identify Memory slot

Roland Piette
Regular Advisor

Identify Memory slot

Dear Administrators,

I have to identify, without stopping the serveur, how many slot (bank) are free on the motherboard. The serveur is a Proliant DL580 running a Red Hat Linux Entreprise.

Alexander Chuzhoy
Honored Contributor

Re: Identify Memory slot

you can try memconf
here's a link to download page:
Roland Piette
Regular Advisor

Re: Identify Memory slot

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for this quick reply.
But I see in the header of the script the following info :

# Won't work on:
# - sun4u Sun Ultra 80, Ultra Enterprise 420R, and Netra t1400/1405.
# Not enough information is provided about the memory in the prtconf and
# prtdiag outputs by the Open Boot PROM.

# - Systems without /dev/openprom

# - sun4c Sun SS1, SS1+, SLC, IPC with Open Boot PROM V1.X (no 'memory' lines
# in devinfo/prtconf output)
# - sun4 kernel architecture, and sun3 and older systems
# - i86pc Solaris on Intel-based (x86) machines only show total memory
# - Perl 5.001 is known to have problems with hex number conversions
# - Does not detect unused VSIMMs (another FB installed) or second VSIMM

and my configuration doens't provide a /dev/openprom file.

Any other idea ?

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Identify Memory slot

Install the ProLiant Support Pack for Linux ( and select your model and OS). The Insight agents will show detailed configuration including what slots are occupied by what size memory. This information is also available from the configuraiton report in Insight Online Diagnostics.
Roland Piette
Regular Advisor

Re: Identify Memory slot

Sorry for this late assigment