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Ignite Backup giving error

Yogesh Yadav
Occasional Advisor

Ignite Backup giving error


When i am taking ignite backup its giving below error .

* Archiving contents of ggnbkp21 via tar image to local device /dev/rmt/24mn.
pax: /dev/rmt/24mn : Device busy
WARNING: The pax command returned a non-zero exit status (exit status 1).
ERROR: The find_files command failed (exit status 141).

ERROR: The make_sys_image command failed. The system recovery archive will
not be created.

======= 04/23/09 02:59:11 IST make_tape_recovery completed unsuccessfully

Please suggest me what should i do ??

i tried with new media , on same tape drive i taken three server bakup before this server..
Valued Contributor

Re: Ignite Backup giving error

Dear Yogesh,

It seems some how the system thinks that some process is alrady running and using the drive. Please check if there is any process running. You may also reboot the system, if possible. Also you may try
#infe -e

R.K. #
Honored Contributor

Re: Ignite Backup giving error

Hello Yogesh,

Issue is not with the media but with tape drive being busy.

Try checking the status of the tape:
# /usr/bin/mt /dev/rmt/24mn status

Also try as suggested:
# insf -eC tape

If any process (or earlier ignite command) is running related to tape drive, then kill it.


Don't fix what ain't broke
Respected Contributor

Re: Ignite Backup giving error

check is there any procees is running related to the tape drive.
#ps -ef | grep /dev/rmt/
if any process
is running,kill them and issue the the ignite command.
sujit kumar singh
Honored Contributor

Re: Ignite Backup giving error

HI Yogesh,

could you please provide the following

mt -t /dev/rmt/24mn status
ioscan -fnCtape
ps -ef | grep -i /dev/rmt/24mn
the OS version, HW model of Tape version of ignite -UX
G V R Shankar
Valued Contributor

Re: Ignite Backup giving error


If you have lsof, use the following

lsof |grep -i dev|grep -i rmt|grep 24m

check the process and kill it.

mt -t /dev/rmt/24mn rewind
mt -t /dev/rmt/24mn status

start the ignite backup.

vaishakh k

Re: Ignite Backup giving error

Dear Yadav,

connect the tape drive to another scsi port on the server and do,

# insf -e
#ioscan -funC tape (check tape detection)
Check any process related to this are running by top -s2 command

Then kill that process.then
#mt -f /dev/rmt/24mn rew

then start ignite "make_tape_recovery -AV -a /dev/rmt/24mn"

Hope this will work for you.
Honored Contributor

Re: Ignite Backup giving error

pax: Device Busy

Its an issue with Tape which needs to cleaned or replaced

"Light travels faster than sound. That's why some people appear bright until you hear them speak."
Regular Advisor

Re: Ignite Backup giving error


(1) Insert a new tape
#ioscan -fnC tape
# insf -e

mt -f /dev/rmt/xmn status check the status

mt -f /dev/rmt/xmn rew Rewind the tape

(if possible stop any application running on server and then )

(3) check with ignite software you are using, try with new software

install latest one from


(4) use this command with interactive mode.
/opt/ignite/bin/make_tape_recovery -x inc_entire=vg00 -I -v -a /dev/rmt/xmn