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Ignite Failure

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Frequent Advisor

Ignite Failure

I am encountering error messages with my ignite backup. Please see below:

WARNING: You are about to create an Itanium-based recovery tape. If this
system does NOT support direct tape boot, you will need to perform
"two-step media recovery" where the boot media (CD or DVD) has the
same version of Ignite-UX as the version on this tape.
ERROR: The /opt/ignite/boot/hpux.efi does not exist or is not readable.
ERROR: System Error, /opt/ignite/bin/make_ipf_tape failed creating IPF boot
ERROR: Failed to generate LIF on tape.

What seems to be the problem? My tape drive is a DAT72 and I am using a DDS4 media

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Ignite Failure

Check the files "not found or not readable" and check if there is a newer ignite version.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Ignite Failure

i already installed a new ignite version but still it failed with the same file missing.

I thought I can have that file installing the new ignite version.

What shoudl i do next?

# ls -l /opt/ignite/boot/hpux.efi
/opt/ignite/boot/hpux.efi not found
Mel Burslan
Honored Contributor

Re: Ignite Failure

did you swremove the old version of ignite before installing the new version by the way ?
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sujit kumar singh
Honored Contributor

Re: Ignite Failure

Hi if that file is itself the only problem you can copy this from anotehr system with the same version of Ignite and give a try.

But that file needs to be in place and successful install of Ignite_UX would have that created in place.

can you again try installing Ignite-UX the same version and along with the Install-Utilities for the OS that you desire.

Install using swinstall and choosing the install-utilities also.

Or can try by copying that file from another server of the same Ignite-UX version.

Frequent Advisor

Re: Ignite Failure

thanks everyone to your help!

after redownloading the installer i was now able to run my ignite successfully without errors.