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Ignite HP-UX

shashi kanth
Super Advisor

Ignite HP-UX

If i run Ignite server on 11.23, then is it possible to provision 11.31 ?

Or, if i want to provision 11.31, then i must run Ignite server only on 11.31 box only ?

Ganesan R
Honored Contributor

Re: Ignite HP-UX


If you have the latest version of ignite on 11.23, then you can take all client versions.

Only thing you should make sure is, Server ignite version should not be lower than client ignite version. OS version is irrelavant.
Best wishes,

Frequent Advisor

Re: Ignite HP-UX

Hi shashi,

If you have version above 7.* on 11.23 you can provide 11.11 ,11.23 and 11.31 depend on your server model.
PA-RISC : boot from ipl supports 11.11,11.23,11.31

Itanium: boot from lan using dbprofiles or boot from cdrom then change to boot from lan
Supports: 11.23 and 11.31 .

Paul McCleary
Honored Contributor

Re: Ignite HP-UX


Yes you can install 11.31 onto a client from an 11.23 Ignite server.

What you need to ensure is that you have the Ignite Bundle installed for each OS version you will install onto your clients, this could be from a choice of 11.11, 11.23, 11.31. Or, probably the easier approach is to just install the full IGNITE bundle, which contains all three OS versions.

The latest major version is c.7.8 and you can download the individual version bundles, or the full set bundle from:

HTH, Paul
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Ignite HP-UX


You can use 11.23 server to serve 11.11, 11.23 and 11.31 clients.

If you are building new Ignite server it might be a good idea to use 11.31. That way you don't have to build a new one at end of life for the 11.23 OS in 2013.

You need the Core OS to swcopy if you plan on using Ignite Golden images in this server.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation