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Ignite gzip error

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Ignite gzip error

Make_net_recovery is failing with below gzip error. I had it working earlier with more than 3 GB image size. so disk size is not a problem.

# Ignite-UX C.6.1.44 HP-UX System Installation Services
# gzip -V
gzip 1.3.5 (HP-UX fixlevel 1)
same version of gzip is working fine in other similar image servers.

* Archiving contents of sngux028 via tar to

gzip: stdout: Unknown error
ERROR: The gzip command failed (exit status 1).
ERROR: The gzip command failed (exit status 1).

ERROR: The make_sys_image command failed. The system recovery archive will
not be created.

======= 06/13/09 22:17:56 SST make_net_recovery completed unsuccessfully

Re: Ignite gzip error

>so disk size is not a problem.

Do you have enough free space?
bdf /var/opt/ignite/recovery/arch_mnt/

>gzip: stdout: Unknown error

(This message isn't helpful at all. What kind of broken software doesn't try to print out errno?)

Since gzip doesn't support large files yet, it has to read/write from/to a pipe and have cat(1) actually read/write from/to the files.
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Re: Ignite gzip error has eniguht free space.

for unknown error: how can i debug it? can ignite be run in debug mode ?
sujit kumar singh
Honored Contributor

Re: Ignite gzip error

Hi Pradep,

1) try normally if gzip is working, try by zipping a test file on the system.

2) Try using the make_net_recovery command using the option -m pax

3) are you having some file on the system geater than 2 GB in size?

4) bdf on /var/opt/ignite/recovery/arch_mnt to see if you have enough free space, at the time of running make_net_recovery are you able to note the estimated size of the archive and compare that with the free space on the destination?


Re: Ignite gzip error

>for unknown error: how can I debug it? can ignite be run in debug mode?

If ignite doesn't use a demon, you can use tusc:
tusc -fp -ea -o tusc.out make_net_recovery ...

Then look down to execv for gzip and see if you also see cat.