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Ignite question

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Ignite question

Can some one pls let me know the os restore process from make net recovery image for pa-risc.i have a procedure for ia.not for pa
thanks in advance
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Re: Ignite question

also pls share with me of u have a procedure to restore from tape
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Re: Ignite question

Hello Navin,

Take a look on the following url:

Check Chapter 11 for System Recovery, I'll suggest to read the entire chapter for the better understanding of the system recovery.

Few cooked steps would not be sufficient when you actually do the system recovery.

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Re: Ignite question

Hi Navin,

Procedure is fairly simple for creating tape. I hope you are familiar with boot process of PA-RISC systems. From the running system for creating tape archive, type the following
#make_tape_recovery -AvI -a /dev/rmt0

This will create an archive containing all the files from your vg00. Now for installing you have to stop the system at BCH menu and boot it from tape. Type sea at BCH menu to search for the tape device path and boot from there. Once at the Ignite-UX welcome screen, the install procedure is same. Obviously if you want to make any changes to the system config, you can do here.

I am also attaching a procedure for creating network recovery archive using Ignite server. Navin if you have any procedure for creating tape archive on Itanium systems pls share with me.
Sajjad Sahir
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Re: Ignite question

Dear Navin

system recovery requires some work before a problem occurs, on a regular basis, u run approprite tool on each of u system
make_net_recovery or make_tape_recovery
use make_net_recovery command to create a recovery image on the other system,make_tape_recovery to create a recovery image on tape.
once u have a recovery image on a tape then it is to recover u system

1.if a disk failed, replace it
2.boot from y recovery tape on the system
3.wait for the recovery has to complete
4.once the system comes backup veryfy the system configuation and recover the latest copies of files from the last backup

1.load a writable tape in tape drive
2.enter the command make_tape_recovery -x -inc_entire=vg00

a tape will be created without any further interaction

thanks and regards

Sajjad Sahir
Suraj K Sankari
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Re: Ignite question

sujit kumar singh
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Re: Ignite question


Once you are donw with the creation of the make_tape_recovery , preferably use the -I option so that when you start the recovery using the boot from tape you shall by default get the Intreactive Ignite GUI.
if you do not use -I option while making the recovery tape archive, you shall have to press a key when the Ignite tape shall boot to take you to an interactive session.

so use the command to take the Ignite Image on tape using:

#make_tape_recovery -v -x inc_entire=vg00 [-x inc_entire=vg01] [-x include=file|directory] -I -a /dev/rmt/0mn

I am assuming the tape driveis /dev/rmt/0mn.

when that is ready, then boot the integrity system , go to EFI shell, add a boot entry corresponding to the Tape Device as yu can see that in map -r command, and boot using that path to boot the Ignite Interface with the tape and after that all is the same as in PARISC.
Integrity systems with the latest firmwares support the tape boots.

In case your tape does not boot plan 2 step recovery by booting from the EFI using the Core OS DVD media and choosing Restore From Tape and choose as Advanced Option as you did in PARSIC Installations.

Adding a boot entry to boot from DVDROM in a 2 step recovery can be as same way of adding a boot entry and booting from that boot entry in the EFi by rebooting the server.

Please also note that in 2 step recovery the Ignite-UX version as on the DVD boot media should match with the version of Ignite-UX that was used to create the Ignite Tape archive.