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Important question on linix (pls assist )

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Important question on linix (pls assist )

Dear Forum


I've build my machine with kubuntu 11.04 as the main OS, i also have windowsXP virtual image but in my linux folder it has many 2gig files, i need to load this virtual image into my vmware so i can start windows xp ? how do i create all of these files into one big virtual image so when I load it in my vmware I'm able to start windowsXP virtual machine successfully ?


I have done some google and found out that vmware-vdiskmanager is the utility I could use to create one big file out of so many small ones but I can't find the vmare-vdiskmanager package for my kubuntu 11.04 version, can someone help me in getting this and also if I really need this to be able to start xp or if there is a workaround ?


Below are my xp images but not sure whicch one to upload in vmware to start xp, i think i need to create one big image using vdiskmanager utility but need to find the package or workaround ?


Windows XP Professional-s001.vmdk

Windows XP Professional-s002.vmdk

Windows XP Professional-s003.vmdk

Windows XP Professional-s004.vmdk

Windows XP Professional-s005.vmdk

Windows XP Professional-s006.vmdk

Windows XP Professional-s007.vmdk

Windows XP Professional-s008.vmdk

Windows XP Professional-s009.vmdk

Windows XP Professional-s010.vmdk

Windows XP Professional-s011.vmdk

Windows XP Professional-s012.vmdk

Windows XP Professional-s013.vmdk

Windows XP Professional-s014.vmdk

Windows XP Professional-s015.vmdk

Windows XP Professional-s016.vmdk

Windows XP Professional.vmdk

Windows XP Professional.vmsd

Windows XP Professional.vmx


Many Thanks in adavance

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Re: Important question on linix (pls assist )

VMware should automatically detect that your virtual image is split into multiple files: as long as all the files are in the same directory, it can use them as-is. You don't have to combine them. If VMware wants to know the name of the .vmdk file, give it the version without the -sNNN numbers, i.e. "Windows XP Professional.vmdk".


The split is intended to allow the image to be stored on older filesystem types: some filesystems cannot handle files larger than 2 gigabytes.

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Re: Important question on linix (pls assist )

Thanks for the reply, so which one i should rename it out of all in my list thta I sent ? can u please assist ?