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Install nedit 5.5

Valued Contributor

Install nedit 5.5

Hi All

I install nedit 5.5 in a HP-UX 11.11 download page ( ). no errors or warnings.

But when I run nedit from the shell, I allways get a core dump:

root@xxxxx:/tmp> /usr/local/bin/nedit
Memory fault(coredump)

Any ideas How can I solve this ??

Tahnks in advance.

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Install nedit 5.5

>Any ideas how can I solve this?

Use gdb to get a stack trace.
Do you have the correct versions of all the runtime dependencies?
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Re: Install nedit 5.5

Hi Denis

Thanks for the reply.

I found a way to get the nedit working in 11iv1.

I download the nedit version 5.4 .

It worked for me.