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Installation Redhat Nahant 3

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Installation Redhat Nahant 3


I'm trying to install Redhat Nahant ES 3 on a HP DL380 server.
Hard disc are configured with raid technics.
After booting from CDROM, the installation is stopped abnormally due to unknown disc(not found).

Is this problem due to RAID technics or software problem.

Thank you.
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Re: Installation Redhat Nahant 3

Which generation of a DL380? The full model number of newest DL380s is "DL380 G5", for example. The generation number is usually visible only if the server is Generation 2 or above: the generation 1 is the "original" DL380, which is now quite old and no longer manufactured.

RHEL 3 ES (Nahant) is fairly old, so it won't recognize the RAID controller of the newer-generation DL380s without a driver disk.

What's the update level of your RHEL 3 ES installation disks? If there is no mention of "Update ", the disks are probably "Update 0" i.e. the initial release of RHEL 3.

The Update levels of RHEL are like Service Packs in Windows: each Update level contains a large number of patches. Sometimes minor new features or new hardware support is introduced with a new Update level. If you have registered with RedHat Network and your RHEL 3 ES license is not expired, you can download the CD images of the latest Update level from the RedHat Network website. (, log in, select "Channels" from the top menu bar, then "Download Software" from the left column)

The current Update level of RHEL 3 ES is Update 9. Installing it to a new-generation DL380 might still require a driver disk (should be available from if necessary) but if you download and use the Update 9 images for the installation, you won't need to download a huge number of patches with up2date to get your system up to date.

Steven E. Protter
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Re: Installation Redhat Nahant 3


Below update 4 Red Hat (3) simply didn't work well or right on many DL class servers.

If you have configured the disk array with smartstart you should be able to proceed with installation.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: Installation Redhat Nahant 3


I don't know what means smartstart, is it a tool for HP hardware or another thing.

If there is a possibility to obtain this tool, would you please indicate haw should i do with smartstart to proceed to this installation.


Haitham F
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Re: Installation Redhat Nahant 3

Smartstart is a CD supplied by HP for server deployment. It supports installation of Windows OS. However, what SEP means, is to boot the server and configure RAID using Smartstart CD. Remove the CD, reboot the server with the installation media.

You can download it from:

Once the RAID is configured, download the driver for the RAID controller from:

Create a floppy disk image (instructions are available on the above link). Then issue the command when RHEL installation comes to the boot screen.

linux updates dd

The installation will start, and the partitioning stage will ask you for the floppy disk with drivers.
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Re: Installation Redhat Nahant 3


I wanna really thank you for your helps.

I have resolved the problem by using another Redhat version neweer wich allowed me to set up the distribution.

Thanks again.