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Installing OS from 5 CDs


Installing OS from 5 CDs

I tried to copy all the CDs to a single folder using both Windows and HPUX. With HPUX, one CD, using cp took an inordinate amount of time. With windows I got an error that said simply "unable to copy a particular folder". The CDs are in good shape and ideally, I would like to put them on a single DVD. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Re: Installing OS from 5 CDs

OS on CD's? What is it? 11.11 or older?

You will have a serious problem if using windows to burn - how to create the LIF (the boot files)?
You may consider to use hp-ux to create the image (follow the ignite user manual from

Hope this helps!

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Re: Installing OS from 5 CDs

Take iso images and burn them on the dvd
Steven Schweda
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Re: Installing OS from 5 CDs

> [...] I would like to put them on a single
> DVD.

And what do you intend to do with the
resulting DVD? Install the OS from it?

This might not be a doomed effort, but I'd
guess that the installation procedure on the
CD kit expects to see a set of CDs, and
could easily be confused by seeing everything
in one place (even if there are no conflicts
among the files on the various CDs, or in
their boot-block stuff, or ...).
rick jones
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Re: Installing OS from 5 CDs

If you have OS media spread on 5 CDs that is how it has to be installed - as 5 CDs with the attendant disc changes.

I do not know that it is "supported" but if you have a new-enough UX system - a zx2 or sx2000 Integrity you can access the iLO and enable virtual media and then "serve-up" the CD images from say a laptop. You still have to do "CD changes" but they become a small matter of a few mouseclicks rather than trudging over to the system and performing a physical switch.

It may not be overly zippy though.
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