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Installing hpuxwsApache and hpuxwsTomcat in alternate location


Installing hpuxwsApache and hpuxwsTomcat in alternate location


We use the iExpress web bundles to run various critical web applications. At the same time, OS management software such as SMH are reliant on the same. This means that when we patch our servers which includes patching SMH etc, Apache et al get updated too. This can cause problems because application testing/updating schedules rarely align with OS patching schedules.

We'd like to be able to freely update /opt/hpws/* and have it only used by OS management functions, and have separate installations for "business" applications.

I've tried swinstall hpuxwsApache,l=/another/location but the package isn't relocatable, and also swinstall @ /another/location but that clearly is no good. I notice in old releases that there use to be an that was delivered that would allow it to be moved, but that no longer exists.

Is there a reliable way of having multiple versions of Apache/Tomcat installed and running on the same HPUX server, without resorting to installing gcc and compiling everything from source?

If not, how have other people coped when using hpuxwsApache etc for "business" applications when it's tied in so tightly with OS management tools these days?
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Installing hpuxwsApache and hpuxwsTomcat in alternate location


hpws is designed so you can only have one instance of it installed. I'm not sure there is a practical way around that.

I ran hpws on all systems that I ever delivered.

Those systems were also able to run alternate apache versions provided by apache or ported by oracle.

I think if you go through swinstall man you may find a command that does the install but hpws might not function in that context.

The way I dealt with it was to run one instance of hpws and other instances of apache that came from other providers.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Olivier Masse
Honored Contributor

Re: Installing hpuxwsApache and hpuxwsTomcat in alternate location

I go with SEP on this. Even if you are able to install it elsewhere, I have a feeling it won't work correctly. There are probably hard coded dependencies on /opt/hpws/apache, although I might be mistaken.

I have a few production web servers that use HPWS so I align any update of HPWS with a series of tests for these servers before performing any upgrade. I chose this path as this puts Apache in HP's security patch release cycle, and I have less trouble with security auditors when I tell them I run "HP-UX Web Server Suite" vs. the evil, open source Apache. :-)

If you cannot do this, one solution is to either grab open source Apache from the porting center (easy but be prepared for a load of dependent librairies), or compile it and manage it yourself in an alternate location such as /opt/apache. You'll be done with it. Then turn off HPWS, you don't need it listening on port 80 for the management tools such as SMH.

Good luck
Shinji Teragaito_1
Respected Contributor

Re: Installing hpuxwsApache and hpuxwsTomcat in alternate location


How about installing HP Web Server Suite v3.02 ? It's installed at
/opt/hpws22. None of software has dependencies with it AS OF TODAY.
v3.02 provides Apache 2.2.* based Web Server, not 2.0.59.

I'm installing both WSS v2.22 and 3.02 on 11.31.