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Integrity VM - VIO vs. AVIO

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f. halili
Trusted Contributor

Integrity VM - VIO vs. AVIO

Hello everyone,

I recently created VM guest using Integrity Vm 4.1. And a sample of one of the disk at the VMHOST is below:

disk 108 64000/0xfa00/0x45 esdisk CLAIMED DEVICE HP MSA2312fc
/dev/disk/disk108 /dev/rdisk/disk108

I was reading a document earlier and saw - "A virtual machine can have up to 30 VIO devices or up to 128 AVIO devices total."

Looks like I created my device the old way and created a VIO device. I already presented the disk to the VMGUEST. I presented 24 already, and I would definitely exceed 30 devices easliy. Can a VIO device be converted to a AVIO device?

At what part do you tell a device it's an AVIO device? Also how do you present a disk as an AVIO disk to a guest?

f. halili
melvyn burnard
Honored Contributor

Re: Integrity VM - VIO vs. AVIO

you can modify the backing store you presented, by using hpvmmodify, changing the resource to have the second field being aviostor, rather than disk.
This will probably require the Virtual Machine to be shutdown to change it
You could also delete the device then re-add them with the aviostor option.

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f. halili
Trusted Contributor

Re: Integrity VM - VIO vs. AVIO