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Is APA configure mendatory for oracle RAC

Respected Contributor

Is APA configure mendatory for oracle RAC

One of our server which Brand:HP Model:rx6600
os:HP-UX 11.23,there oracle RAC is running. My query is APA (Auto Port Aggregation ) is mendatory or recomended for oracle RAC ?


Kapil Jha
Honored Contributor

Re: Is APA configure mendatory for oracle RAC

It can not be mandatory because its just a way to enhance network performance.
You can have various configuration with APA add 2 NIC to have one NIC etc


Its better to have APA :)

I am in this small bowl, I wane see the real world......
Trusted Contributor

Re: Is APA configure mendatory for oracle RAC

Hi Taifur,

It is not mandatory to have APA configured for Oracle RAC.

The preferred choice for VIP is Serviceguard local LAN failover and not APA.

As suggested by Kapil above, please refer
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Is APA configure mendatory for oracle RAC

Mandatory for performance or for availability?

Do you have ServiceGuard?
This looks like a useful document:
"Serviceguard monitors the redundant network and additional APA software is not required."

From the performance perspective I'd say NO and NO until you have some numbers to support the need

Why do you think it might be mandatory?
Do you have some official Oracle document to refer to?

Why do you think it might be recommended?
Do you have some white-paper, best-practices, to refer to?
Here are some non-official comments:

And exactly for what Oracle RAC usage would you want to put it in place?
The cluster interconnect? The VIP's?

The most critical attribute for the RAC cluster interconnect typically is the latency for lock messages. APA will not help for that. When lots of block shipping is happening, then the bandwidth may become a concern and APA may be desirable.
Are you currently using 100mb? gb? 10gb? Infiniband?

What is the load (expectation) to the best of your understanding?

I would recommend using both Oracle and network tools to monitor the load, notably the bandwidth every now and then to make sure the usage is in the comfort zone of the hardware.