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Is Ignite possible in WAN

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Is Ignite possible in WAN

1. Is Ignite installation over WAN supported?

2. By WAN, we meant a LAN that is created over private WAN such as a MetroEthernet. What we have still look like a LAN but will have lower bandwidth and higher latency. Is there still a support concern?

3. Since Ignite is supported over different subnets in a LAN, as long as the installation traffic is routed to the Ignite server, Ignite will work. Is this correct?

4. When installing over different subnets (e.g Ignite server on subnet A and client on subnet B), is there a minimal bandwidth and latency required for Ignite?

5. Are there any latency and bandwidth requirements for Ignite installation over WAN? If so, what are they?

6. What are limitations for Ignite install over WAN?

7. Are there any best practices for Ignite install over WAN? Any white papers?

8. Are there any available performance numbers for Ignite install over WAN, e.g. how long 11iv2 or 11iv3 OS and patch installation took over certain latency and bandwidth?

Any information you can share with us will be appreciated.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Is Ignite possible in WAN


1) Yes with needed ports open and an Ignite boot helper box Ignite installation is possible with a WAN environment. This is far from ideal.

2) Latency is a concern. Ignite install images are several GB. If the connection is too slow the Ignite download will not get done in a reasonable period of time.

3) Yes. Just make sure the firewall permits the needed ports, tftp, nfs, etc.

4) Nothing specific. You need to be able to transfer file that could easily be 8 GB or more.

5) None published.

6) Already listed above, just need a boot helper and the needed ports open.

7) I know of nothing WAN specific. This document briefly deals with this question:

8) Do a simple calculation. The issue is not Ignite but download speeds of large patch sets. Too slow it will take too long and drive you up a wall since ignite patch installs normally require a reboot and you probably need to know when that will happen.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: Is Ignite possible in WAN

The question should not be "Is Ignite installation over WAN supported", rather does your WAN support/allow igniteUX? Just like "does your WAN support/allow telnet or FTP?". There is nothing different here, the usual challenges such as allowed ports, response time, amount of data, bandwidth, WAN utilization etc.
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Re: Is Ignite possible in WAN

As TTr and SEP noted, there is nothing inherent in Ignite-UX to prohibit this. The actual bandwidth available, and the size of the archive, might make this prohibitive.

you might consider creating a local archive, simply to get the size of it, then do the math to find out how long it would take to transfer it.