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Issue in Volume Group

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Issue in Volume Group


we have metro cluster servers(Server A & Server B) with HP UNIX 11iv3 update 6.

Server A is down due to some issue & ignite image is not working.

We tried to restore Server B ignite image. it was successful. But volume group information is not correct as we have restored Server B image.

Due to this, volume group(except vg00) is not activated.

can we restore /etc/lvmconf directory from backup or any other way to resolve this issue?

Kindly advise on this.

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Re: Issue in Volume Group

First of all check if these VGs were cluster
aware or not ,if yes they are they may not be activated normally until you use vgchange -c n
& then vgchange -a y.

In any case please check if these VGs are imported or not ,do they exist in /etc/lvmtab
or are shown by vgscan -v -p ( preview)
if yes then create a new lvmtab file.

Do check if the device files for the VGs are
backed up or not.

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Re: Issue in Volume Group


activiates VG in cluster mode

# vgchange -c n

# vgchange -a y

check if respective VGs are activited and able to display

# vgdisplay VG_name

if not you can run

# mv /etc/lvmtab /etc/

# vgscan -v -p ( if it is success then run)

# vgscan -v

You will have a new lvmtab file in your system in /etc

Or probably you can restore /etc/lvmconf/ files and import it

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