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Issue with SAM on my hp9000 !!

Michael Adrian_1
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Issue with SAM on my hp9000 !!

We have an HP9000 not in production yet. Only minimal users (1-5). Mainly for
training right now until we go live in July. The problem is, the system
initially was doing fine until recently. Now it is very slow. So slow that when
we access SAM, it takes almost 2 minutes before the SAM menu comes. It's not
only SAM that is slow. All commands are slow. This affects all applications
installed also. I'm fairly in the world of UNIX and HP9000 coming from an
HP3000 shop. I love my HP3000. Is there any suggestions or what should I look



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Neil Gast_1
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Re: hp9000

Sounds like you have some sort of resource hog. Start with the top(1) command,
and see what it shows as the top few processes. If there's nothing obvious,
you'll need to use a more powerful tool like glance (or gpm). If you don't have
a licensed version of glance, you can install a trial version (30 day lecense)
from your OS CD.

Did the problem resume following a reboot?

Vincenzo Bochicchio_1
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Re: hp9000

Also have you changed any of your network settings recently? Also if you
changed the name of the server sometimes SAM has problems finding the host
itself. Make sure (uname -a) and (hostname) are resolving the same hostname,
that your full hostname is in /etc/hosts and your not having any network
problems too.
Al Langen_2

Re: hp9000

There are many reasons for a system to run 'slow'. If uptime shows that the
system load is small (under 1) and sam still takes two minutes to come up,
check to make sure that you have a good ground for you system.
If uptime shows a large load (over 5), run top to see if you have a run-away
process. If the system is networked, run netstat and look at the routing
tables to see if the network traffic is being re-routed (several gateways are
up by discovery).
Jasti Srinivasa
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Re: hp9000

number of cpu's ?
Memory ?
What is Application Software?

If I have above data I might me able to see some of the
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Re: hp9000




You can use glance to see what is causing your bottleneck.




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Re: hp9000

Hi nightwish!

This question was from 1999 !!!!!

glance was suggested 1 hour later, also in 1999!

Have fun!

Hope this helps!

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