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Re: JetAdmin

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I have installed Jetadmin.
HPNPL E.10.05 Hewlett-Packard JetDirect Printer Install
er for Unix.
I have defined printers of network, but when I print the jobs never out.
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Re: JetAdmin

JetDirect Printer Installer is *only* used with HP printers that have HP JetDirect LAN cards or use HP JetDirect external LAN adapters. This software will not work with non-HP LAN cards. To test the remote printer, use the hpnpadmin command:

/opt/hpnpl/bin/hpnpadmin -A -w -i IP-adress-of-printer

This will report on whether it is an HP interface. If this works OK, check to see that the spooler is running:

lpstat -r

And finally, check to see that the printer is accepting jobs and enabled:

lpstat -a
lpstat -p

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: JetAdmin

/opt/hpnpl/bin/hpnpadmin -A -w -i tesis
tesis is a network printer

5 Interface Type: JetDirect, ethernet

Printer Description:
MANUFACTURER :Hewlett-Packard;
MODEL :HP LaserJet 8000 Series;
DESCRIPTION :Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 8000 Series
Printer ID : 266
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Re: JetAdmin

Everything looks OK. To make installing the printers really easy, you can use removequeue and addqueue as in:

/opt/hpnpl/bin/removequeue -q tesis


/opt/hpnpl/bin/addqueue -h tesis -q tesis

Make sure the lp spooler is running with:

lpstat -r

and that the printer is enabled:

lpstat -a tesis
lpstat -p tesis

and all should be OK.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: JetAdmin

I did this but I still have the problem.
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Re: JetAdmin

Got a similar problem this morning and was referred to check /dev/null file. I had to recreate the file and am now able to print.

Can you output "ls -l /dev/null" and post it.

compute, therefore you are
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Re: JetAdmin

Let's bypass the lp spooler completely. DO this:

/opt/hpnpl/bin/hpnpf -x -n /etc/profile

(change to match the IP address for your printer) The hpnpf command is the actual program used to send data to the printer. The -n formats /etc/profile with CR/LF correctly. If this works OK, the problem is in the lp spooler, perhaps an ownership or permission error. Look at the lp log file in /var/adm/lp/log

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: JetAdmin

What do you see with 'lpstat -t'? You should see:

# lpstat -t":
schedular is running
printer1 accepting requests since June 27
printer1 is idle, enabled since June 27,
fence priority: 0

You should be able to telnet to the printer and get the printer's configuration menu.

Can you even ping the ip address of the printer?

If there is a diagnostic option in the print manager then choose to review the print job.

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