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KZPCC - Component missing

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KZPCC - Component missing


We have just replaced a KZPCC controller on an AlphaServer ES45 with Tru64UNIX.

When we started up the system, the RAID controller saw all the disk drives, but also reported a "component missing" for a particular disk drive bay. This disk drive bay does not have a disk drive installed, and has never had a disk drive installed.

The RAIDset has come up, but it is in a degraded state.

Is it possible to fix this problem without having to rebuild the whole RAIDset?

Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: KZPCC - Component missing

the "component missing" statement probably comes from a previous configuration where this controller was used.

afaik the kzpcc stores it's raid-config in NVRAM.
You'll have to match the existing configuration and write it in nvram.
this does not neccesarily mean rebuilding the whole RAIDset.

I suggest you clear the KZPCC's config before attaching it to the disks.
then power-down, attach disks and power-on.
After this it may even detect itself the curent configuration and you have the chance to update the NVRAM with the current disk configuration without losing data.