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Kerne tuning on 11.23

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Kerne tuning on 11.23

Dear Gurus,

without using sam how to change some dynamic kernel parametrs and ststic parameters to chnage though command mode ?.

is it kctune parametr=value pls give step by step..i have many parameters (both static and dynamic ) to be changed for oracle 9i to 10G upgradation ..

Johnson Punniyalingam
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Re: Kerne tuning on 11.23

Before, make_taper_recovery ,

Procedures for Kernel Parameter changes
# cd /stand
# cp system system.prev.<050112>
# cp vmunix vmunix.prev.<050112>

# cd /stand/build
# /usr/lbin/sysadm/system_prep -s /stand/build/system
# vi /stand/build/system (....edit the file to make the necessary changes --> e.g. "max_thread_proc 3072")
# /usr/sbin/mk_kernel -s /stand/build/system
# mv system /stand/system
# /usr/sbin/kmupdate

Kernel update request is scheduled.

Default kernel /stand/vmunix will be updated by
newly built kernel /stand/build/vmunix_test
at next system shutdown or startup time.

#kmtune -s maxusers=

eg: #kmtune -s maxusers=50

The above command will set the maxusers value to 200

#kmtune -s maxusers+100

The above command will increase the current value of maxusers by 100

#kmtune -q maxusers (Will show the current value of maxusers)
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Re: Kerne tuning on 11.23

i am sorry my OS is hpux 11.23 (ia64) ..


Re: Kerne tuning on 11.23

>is it kctune parameter=value

Yes for dynamic.

>I have many parameters (both static and dynamic) to be changed for oracle 9i to 10G upgrade

You can do them all this way but you'll need to reboot the kernel for the static ones.
Sagar Sirdesai
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Re: Kerne tuning on 11.23


USe kctune command as suggested earlier

You use the below options

kctune -h -B parameter=value.

You can put the above command in script

For both static and dynamic parameters

Once you have the value of all the kernel parameters

Reboot the server
Suraj K Sankari
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Re: Kerne tuning on 11.23


With out SAM kctune is the command or you have to tune your kernel by editing the system file and reboot the server.

login with superuser
1.go to /stand/build
2.give /usr/lbin/sysadm/system_prep -v -s system
#this will create a new system file under /stand/build -v porvides explanation as the script executes. kernel 10.x edit the /stand/build/system file as per requirments
in 11.x to display the existing kernel parameters
/usr/sbin/kmtune -l -S /stand/build/system
to update
/usr/sbin/kmtune -s ${parameter name}=${param value} -S /stand/build/system build the kernel mk_kernel -s system #this will create /stand/build/vmunix_test the new kernel is ready for safe take a backup of old /stand/build/system and vmunix with the name of system.prev and vmunix.prev move new kernel vmunix_test and system file into /stand directory for 11.x give this command /usr/sbin/kmupdate
7.shutdown the server and reboot with new kernel.

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Re: Kerne tuning on 11.23


After changing the static and dynamic parametr values "kctune parameter=value"

no need to move and copy vmunix ???(like we are doing in 11.11 ;mk_kernel and kmupdate ) ..

simple reboot will take do ?
Honored Contributor

Re: Kerne tuning on 11.23

Yes a asimple reboot will be fine.
Windows?, no thanks
Don Morris_1
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Re: Kerne tuning on 11.23

No, do *not* try to copy the kernel explicitly. All that stuff applies to 11.11, but is obsolete in v2 -- you have to manage the configuration as a whole, not just the vmunix binary.

If you're making a lot of changes in one batch, do:

kconfig -e system_for_10G

Edit system_for_10G, updating any lines which already exist for tunables with the values you wish, adding any which do not exist. (Do not modify module or driver lines, just tunables).

kconfig -i oracle10_tuned system_for_10G

This creates the oracle10_tuned kernel configuration from the system_for_10G system file you provided... since you have static tunables, I don't see any real reason to not hold all changes until you reboot as a set here.

To be nice and paranoid:

kconfig -s pre_oracle10

[Save the existing kernel configuration explicitly just in case of issues and the default backup getting overwritten by a later change].

And then:

kconfig -n oracle10_tuned

and shutdown/reboot.

If you hit any issues (like a bad tunable setting that shows up by causing the system not to boot) you can then use "hpux pre_oracle10/vmunix" to get back to your current configuration and resolve the problem.