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Kmtune help.


Kmtune help.


I need to change the kernal parameters value in v 11. using kmtune.
please provide the steps? and command?
am new in HP_UX...

Current value =12
new value=256.

Thanks in Advance !!
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Re: Kmtune help.

another post of yours on same topic


I have assigned points to 0 of 60 responses to my questions.

always thanks those who are trying to help you solve your problems

use SAM if you are not comfortable using commands.
muruganantham raju
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Re: Kmtune help.

Dear FTP Denied,
Use kctune to change kernel parameter values in HPUX (kmtune is a wrapper and it in turns call kctune).

kctune parameter=value

For e.g.
Say to change the maximum size of data segment,

# kctune maxdsiz=1073741824
WARNING: The automatic 'backup' configuration currently contains the
configuration that was in use before the last reboot of this
==> Do you wish to update it to contain the current configuration
before making the requested change? y
* The automatic 'backup' configuration has been updated.
* The requested changes have been applied to the currently
running system.
Tunable Value Expression Changes
maxdsiz (before) 1073741822 1073741822 Immed
(now) 1073741824 1073741824

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Re: Kmtune help.

kctune will not work with 11.11, which is the OS???
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Re: Kmtune help.

Hi team,

Am using B.11.11 , hp-ux ,kmtune command only working on this version.

Thanks in advance!!!!

Re: Kmtune help.

how to use the SAM ,

What are steps want follow to change the kernal parameters.!!!
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Re: Kmtune help.

....and which parameter??
Because some parameter required rebuilding of the kernel.
Also if you can reboot the server,make changes in /stand/system file and rebuild the kernel.
Don't forget to keep a backup of current system file and /stand/vmunix

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Re: Kmtune help.

type SAM on the prompt as root, you will get a easy to use menu.