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LDAP-UX automatically create home directories

Marcus Serrao
Occasional Contributor

LDAP-UX automatically create home directories


I'm sure this question has come up in the past and from what I've seen it's not easy to implement (at least not as easy as Fedora's LDAP auth solution):
Is HP-UX (11i v2) or LDAP-UX capable of automatically creating a user's home directory on the HP server when a user logs in for the first time to it?

1) User's entry is created in LDAP server and the user's homeDirectory attribute points to /home/jdoe
2) User goes to log into HP server and at that time the user's home directory is automatically created, so that when the user authenticates sucessfully, they will be in their home directory.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Ski Ride

Re: LDAP-UX automatically create home directories

Hi Marcus

From what I have observed both LDAP UX and hp ux 11i v2 is not creating any home directories for the user when they first log in to the machine.

May be it will be a cool feature to implement. :)