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LDAP-UX going against a Server 2003 R2 AD Forest.

Occasional Advisor

LDAP-UX going against a Server 2003 R2 AD Forest.

I am trying to try the ldap-ux client setup tool for our active directory and I configured a user in AD under the OU=Site002,OU=Users,OU=Service Accounts called ldap.unix and set a PW.

I am confused by this statement does it want to make a modification to my AD schema?

The LDAP-UX configuration profile schema does not exist in the directory
server at:
l002k3nacdc01.nac.sitel-world.net:389 =
Would you like to extend the schema in this directory server? [Yes]:

If I select no it wants a user with a specific schema, I though Server 2003 R2 with RFC2307 attributes was adequate.

eric roseme
Respected Contributor

Re: LDAP-UX going against a Server 2003 R2 AD Forest.

Yes - the RFC2307 attributes are there, but LDAP-UX requires a schema extension to add a proxy user, which has nothing to do with attributes. I show all of the steps required for LDAP-UX to W2003R2 and W2008 in my whitepaper about configuring CIFS Server (Samba) and HP-UX for Unified Login. Look on page 24 for the quote about the proxy user: http://www.docs.hp.com/en/16212/CIFSUnifiedLoginV2.pdf

Eric Roseme