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LDAP passwordMinLength parm location

Trusted Contributor

LDAP passwordMinLength parm location

Does anyone know where the minimum password lenght is stored?

When I look at dse.ldif. I only see these parms:


passwordMaxAge: 7776000
passwordExp: on
passwordHistory: on
passwordMinDigits: 1
passwordMinAge: 86400
passwordWarning: 1209600
passwordMinLowers: 1
passwordInHistory: 4
passwordMinUppers: 1
passwordCheckSyntax: on
passwordGraceLimit: 1
passwordStorageScheme: crypt
passwordLockout: on
passwordUnlock: off
passwordMaxFailure: 5


Or does passwordMinLength have to be added since maybe the default is 8 which shows up in

the ldap GUI as 8.

This has to do with generating a security report with these settings. Unless someone has a better

way of getting this info automagically with ldap commands.