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LINUX NFS services and Windows connectivity

Bolek Mynarski
Frequent Advisor

LINUX NFS services and Windows connectivity

On HP, to enable pc clients to connect to NFS server (e.g., ReflectionsX) with proper authentication, PCNFS_SERVER has to be enabled. Otherwise, it will not understand account logons (it will only allow for anonymous connections as well, it will have problems with shares of type: //mycomputer/level1/level2/myshare

I've been looking in Linux for something similar but with no results. Has anybody been successful in authenticating windows users to their Linux NFS servers and if so, how has it been done?

It'snever too late to learn new things...
Jiri Furst

Re: LINUX NFS services and Windows connectivity

You can find a pcnfsd package for debian for example

For redhat you can convert debian package to RPM using "alien" (it is in POWERTOOLS):

alien --to-rpm pcnfsd_2.0-4.deb

or you can get a source and comiple it yourself.

BTW we use SAMBA instead of PC-NFS.
Francisco J. Soler
Honored Contributor

Re: LINUX NFS services and Windows connectivity

You can try with the shary-light software to mount in the linux box any shares from win.


Linux?. Yes, of course.